Dan Berges

Dan Berges

I’m a Madrid-born, NYC-based entrepreneur with a background in arts, education, and computer programming. I build and develop sustainable growth models for small businesses based on complex systems that promote logistical efficiency and customer retention.

I've been featured in El País, El Mundo, and El Nacional. I was also included in Forbes España's Los 100 más creativos en el mundo de los negocios 2023.

Professional Bio

Dan Berges is a Spanish entrepreneur, teacher, author, programmer, and musician based in NYC. He is the Managing Director of Berges Institute. He also hosts the podcast Sábado a la noche con Dan Berges and leads the folk trio Pammi Zacharia. Dan is one of the authors of The Graf Method for Spanish Language, and has also published articles for Forbes and San Diego Times.


Berges Institute

Berges Institute is a Spanish online language school for adults. Berges was founded in 2013 by Dan Berges and Vanessa Montilla, and is still managed by the founding team.


Dwight is a task management solution based on Eisenhower's Box with a simple, clean interface. It lets you classify your to-do items as urgent and important, urgent but not important, important but not urgent, or not urgent and not important.

Smooth Samples

Quality audio samples written and performed by professional musicians and mixed and processed in-house at the Smooth Samples studios.


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The Graf Method for Spanish Language, Vol. 1

Spanish for Absolute Beginners

The Graf Method for Spanish Language, Vol. 2

The Past Tense and Other Topics

The Graf Method for Spanish Language, Vol. 3

The Imperfect Tense

The Graf Method for Spanish Language, Vol. 4

Object Pronouns, Future Tense and Verb Haber

The Graf Method for Spanish Language, Vol. 5

Subjunctive, Conditional and Imperative


Luces de neón

Short stories, 2014 - 2017


CSS Flexbox Demystified

Published on Skillshare in May 2022

Generative Art for NFTs with JavaScript and p5js

Published on Skillshare in December 2021

How to Produce, Record, Edit and Publish a Podcast: A Guide

Published on Skillshare in January 2022


How Learning a New Language can Significantly Delay the Onset of Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia

An episode of Brains Byte Back, by The Sociable

My podcast: Sábado a la noche con Dan Berges

It's in Spanish!

An interview in Kevin Block-Schwenk's podcast

Kevin interviews Berklee alumni who don't work in the music industry.


My folk band, Pammi Zacharia

With Greg Glassman & Yuka Tadano.

A short solo guitar EP I recently recorded

Mostly improvised.

A lofi tape I made in 2020

My alter ego Compadrito made it.

A live rock & roll album in the East Village from a while ago

Play it loud.